Some information about Fish Oil Supplements

We know the fish oil supplements are full of Omega-3s, including EPA(eicosapetaenoic acid) and DHA(docosahexaenoic acid). Normally it has multiple sources, either from fish (salmon, anchovies, Sardines, etc. ), krill(a kind of shrimp-like crustacean, which is a food source for whales. penguins and so on), or even from vegetarian source, a type of aquatic organisms – algal oil.

fish-oil-supplementMost of the Omega-3s supplements are extract from fish oil. As it is very popular in the market, but you’re may not so easy to identify which is the best one for your health status. For example, the DHA – prenatal fish oil supplement is quite important for pregnant women, especially it enhance the development of the retina and brain in fetus. Buying some fish oil supplements from Costco (Kirkland), Vitamin World, or GNC store will be a good option.

For pregnant women or someone is vegetarian, then the algal oil which contains more DHA than EPA will be the right choice if they plan to consume an extra intake of Omega-3s to support their health. Not like the fish oil source, the vegetarian oil doesn’t have any concern about the accumulation of heavy metal on the food chain. Algal, is the food source for the fish, and other animals in the ocean, which is on the bottom of the food chain. Also, it is harvested by people by seasons just like the plant in the soil. The best thing attract our customer mostly from the algal is the form of the EPA and DHA it contains. Normally it has triglyceride form of the Omega-3s which has obviously a higher absorption than Ethyl Ester form like the most of the fish oil do in the fish oil market.

One tip for how to identify the form type of the Omega-3s supplement. Check the product label or the supplement fact table. If it specify it’s in form of triglyceride or natural triglyceride then we can say that it’s worth of its higher price than others. If you just find some words like “from Natural Fish” then it means the Ethyl Ester form as most of the fish oil supplements made from.