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Importance of prenatal vitamins for women

Most health news articles and blogs never miss talking about prenatal vitamins. Well, this goes to show how important they are in the health of women. Most women who are reading articles on health news always try to find information on the importance of prenatal vitamins and the best time to take them. A healthy diet is the best way for women to get all the necessary vitamins and minerals their body requires but that is not always the case. When planning to get pregnant, it is important to take prenatal vitamins as the body might fall short.

How different are prenatal vitamins from other vitamins?

prenatal vitamins supplementMost standard adult vitamins contain a certain amount of folic acid and iron. Prenatal vitamins usually contain a higher percentage of the folic acid and iron. Folic acid is crucial in the baby’s development of the neural tubes. Lack of the acid might cause neural tube defects. Iron on the other part supports the baby’s growth and development.

Further studies have found out that prenatal vitamins prevent the baby being born too small for his age. Iron prevents the development of anemia where the blood lacks healthy red blood cells. Having the right amount of iron helps prevent the baby being born with low weight. Folic acid and iron are the most crucial nutrients included in the vitamins as most pregnant women never get enough of it from the body.

Is there need to take the other vitamins when I take prenatal vitamins?

Most of the prenatal vitamins contain all the nutrients found in standard adult vitamin supplements. However, you have to check the label for nutrients like omega three fatty acids that are crucial in the development of the baby’s brain. Vitamin D and calcium are also important for the baby so make sure they are on the label.

What is the best prenatal vitamins brand?

The prenatal vitamins are available in several brands over the counter in all pharmacies. Before making a choice to purchase any, it is recommended that you talk to your health care provider for any recommendations. When selecting the best brand, always look for vitamins that contain folic acid, iron, and calcium.

Prenatal vitamins that contain vitamin D, C, A and E are also recommended. You can also check for prenatal pills with minerals like zinc and copper. Sometime, you can find prenatal DHA in prenatal vitamins product also, such as BrainStrong Prenatal Multivitamin & DHA Supplement.

Any side effects

Some women might feel queasy while other might be constipated. It is always advised to talk to your doctor about any side effects. If you feel queasy, try to take them with a snack before going to sleep. To prevent constipation eat food with a lot of fiber and drink a lot of water.

Final Verdict

It is always important to remember that prenatal vitamins are a complement to a healthy diet and not a substitute. They might not meet 100% of your body requirements so combine them with a good healthy diet. Starting taking the pills months before conception is advised.